About Us

The team at TCGTRADERS consists of 3 people, Dean, Mark en Sui-Ming.
Gamers at heart, we enjoy videogames, boardgames and cardgames when we find the time in the fast lane that is life.

Big Final Fantasy TCG fans

Even though we grew up with different games, we all share a favourite franchise: Final Fantasy.
Needless to say, when Final Fantasy TCG was announced for a western release, it caught our attention.
Some startersets and a few booster packs later we were hooked to the artwork on the cards, the feeling of nostalgia taking over.
Add in the competitive gameplay and room for creative deckbuilding and it all added up to a solid Trading Card Game.

This webshop is our part of the community

Not long after, we had the idea of creating a webshop specialized in Final Fantasy TCG.
This is our way of being part of the community all over the world and help the game be successful so we can all enjoy it for many years to come.

Welcome to TCGTRADERS.com!